"The physical object, to me, is merely a stepping stone to an inner world where the object, with the help of the subconscious drives and focuses perceptions, becomes transmuted into a symbol whose life is beyond the life of the objects we know..." Clarance John Laughlin

I chose darkroom-based monochrome photography as my medium 33 years ago because of its ability to express mystery, luminosity, emotion, and aesthetics. I like to work with subjects that have the potential to reach a viewer in a place prior to their intellect, non-verbally, pre-verbally. Now I use color as well as monochrome, both analog and digital. Sometimes two negatives were combined in an image, however, all digital work is single-frame only without the inclusion of any additional material.

Some recent ongoing projects do not involve a camera, per se, and are technically various types of "photograms." There is a fascination with what qualities belong uniquely to the photographic medium, for example, the special ways it conveys what the viewer's brain interprets as time and movement, revealing moments the human eye cannot ever see in reality; long exposures in and of themselves offer amazing ways for the artist to distort and twist reality. These most recent portfolios cross over the thin membrane of literal reality, uncovering invisible realms which take on a life of their own, and yet what you see really happened.

I use various strategies to get some distance on the literal reality of the camera's sharp eye. As in Minor White's famous statement, photographing "for what it is" and also "for what else it is", I am always drawn to detect and visually represent the hidden, evocative, ever-present "what-elseness" of human experience.

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